Looking for corporate gifts and promotional items? If so, you should know what the most commonly used ones are. Here is a list of them.


1. Pens are useful and are inexpensive to produce. Corporations can easily spread the word about their companies via pens. Best of all, pens are useful to almost all people.


2. Earbuds are popular too. People use earbuds while at the gym, out on walks or just around the home. This is why earbuds are one of the most common corporate promotion items among companies.

3. Keychains are still used by many people and they make for great promotional items to give to customers. Many people still use keychains, so they are useful. If you’re looking for an inexpensive product to give away, then consider keychains.

4. Notebooks come in a range of sizes and colors. Many corporations choose to give notebooks away to their customers and potential customers because people still enjoy jotting down their thoughts or they take down notes while at work. By placing your business’s name on a bunch of notebooks, you can rest assure people will remember your name because they will use their notebooks often.

5. Tote bags are reusable and people love using them when they go shopping, therefore it’s a good idea to consider giving them away as promotional items. In fact, tote bags are increasingly becoming more popular. If you plan on giving away tote bags as promotional items, then get a lot of them because they will go fast.

6. Sport bottles are commonly given away too because more and more people are using them while they are on the go. They love using it at the gym, jogging outside or just drinking it while they are driving. Sport bottles and water bottles are very useful items.

7. Flash drives are cheap enough to buy in bulk. People rely on flash drives for storage of all type, such as videos, documents and other types of files. If you want to always be in a customer’s mind, then give away flash drives with your company’s phone number on it.

8. Hats have always been a popular choice. The best thing to do is to order hats in various colors. You can let the customers choose what color hat they want. By doing this, they will likely wear it regularly, which means more visibility for your business.

9. Magnets are useful and come in many shapes and sizes. People use magnets as decorations for their fridge or they use it to hold up papers onto the fridge. Regardless of what they use them for, you can rest assure they will be reminded of your company when they look at them.

10. Candy and chocolate may very well be the most commonly used promotional items. People love chocolate and candy. Best of all, they come in various forms, so finding the right promotional chocolate for your company is easy.

Those are all popular promotional items. They are also the most commonly used ones. Go ahead and order any of them the next time you need to promote your company.…


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